VISPA Web Edition Download

Download the latest stable version, or the latest development version (tip).

You can also clone our mercurial repository:

> hg clone

If you want to download the legacy version VISPA Desktop Edition, please go here, for downloding PXL visit this link.

Installation Guide

The easiest way to install VISPA is by using virtualenv:

> virtualenv venv
> source venv/bin/activate
> pip install
> vispad start



Python 2.6 or Python 2.7 are needed for running the Web-Server. Furthermore the server depends on some additional python packages:

Please note: For PyCrypto (Dependency of Paramiko) it is necessesary to compile the library (e.g. for Windows you can use binary packages). ws4py is only needed if you want to use websockets instead of polling. For compiling the documentation you will need the following additional packages:


Starting the Server

After installing all required packages and downloading VISPA, go to the VISPA/conf folder and rename the configuration files from *.ini.sample to *.ini. Afterwards start the server with python bin/vispad. If you use the default configuration the server will be available in your local webbrowser at localhost:4282.