Perform your own Data Analysis


By using the VISPA Server, you accept these rules.

  • the Network Code of Conduct of RWTH Aachen University
  • usage of the system for the purpose of scientific data analysis only, and take responsibility for files that I upload to the system, change, or generate on the system.
  • accounts will be deactivated after logout. In this case, all files and personal data will be removed from the system.
  • for system security purposes, the system administrator can apply security checks on all files, and is allowed to inspect an automated temporary logging of all activities on the system. For 4 weeks the IP address, URL, uploaded and downloaded file names, and the transferred bytes will be kept.

Note: With the Guest Login, you will work on an non-persistent storage. Your files and analyses will be removed after you leave the VISPA Server.

If you want to save your data you can create a personal account.

Guest Login




For a detailed documentation, please visit this site.