VISPA Web Edition

The Visual Physics Analysis (VISPA) project provides a graphical development environment for data analysis. The new server-client-based web application of the VISPA project allows to perform physics analyses via a standard internet browser. This enables individual scientists to work with a large variety of devices, including touch screens, and teams of scientists to share, develop, and execute analyses on a server via the web interface.


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  • Centrally provided computing resources
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Workspaces: Use local computer or connect any SSH-accessible computer running Python to provide further computing and storage resources
  • Large amount of installed software: C++, python (including SciPy and NumPy), ROOT, PXL, Condor HTC, CRPropa, matplotlib, ...
  • Extensions: Possibility to write your own app

Existing Extensions

File Browser

  • Browse files in your workspaces
  • Desktop like feeling
  • fully customizable shortcuts
  • Standard commands, e.g. copy, paste, ...
  • Upload/download
  • touch compatible

File Browser

Code Editor

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Direct execution of python scripts
  • Output and error parsing
  • Preview of analysis plots
  • fully customizable shortcuts
  • touch compatible

Code Editor


  • Execute arbitrary command on workspace





Terminal Extension