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The Visual Physics Analysis (VISPA) project offers a flexible desktop-like development environment using only your web browser.

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Access from anywhere

VISPA runs in your web browser with no setup required, enabling you to develop and execute your data analysis whenever and wherever you want.


Desktop-like UI

VISPA offers a full desktop-like environment with standard tools such as a code editor and file browser, with specialized extensions to improve your analysis workflow.

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Execute anywhere

Get directly started on our cluster using pre-installed libraries, create your own environment, or use any resource available to you.

User Guide

Tools and Extensions

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File Manager

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Code Editor

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Parameter Scan

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Research and Teaching

VISPA is a pioneering project on how creative scientific work with data might look like in future. The focus is on physics analyses with algorithm development, machine learning and application to data. This project also serves physics research and teaching at the RWTH.